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Looking for an artist comfortable with taurs for a refsheet!

Baron Von Clop

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I have a new character that I'd like to hire someone for an initial refsheet of. This would be a front/side view at minimum, and I'd also like a color chart. It would be colored, shading optional.

The character in question is fairly overweight, so you would need to be comfortable drawing some chub as well. She is a female caribou taur. Clothed and SFW.

I do not have a reference of the character; I do have several references from other artists of similar characters for body shape, and pictures of people for the hair style/clothing styles. So you aren't going in blind, but I know some artists refuse to draw anything without a reference, so there's a warning in advance.

Budget has a hard cap of $100; I don't mind paying for good art, but I am also open to anything at any price level, so don't be shy. I can pay via PayPal. I do, however, strongly prefer artists who don't have a huge queue; obviously a week or so is fine, but I'd rather not wait months.

I can be contacted via posts in this thread, notes on FurAffinity, or via Discord at Morgana#1080.

Fire away!
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I'll toss my hat in here.
Here is my commission sheet:
forums.furaffinity.net: Commission (Selling): - [[LOVELY'S COMMISSIONS]] 4/5 OPEN - NSFW + SFW

It would be about $30 for what you are asking. I do do description based work (most of the ones in that thread are description) and have no problem working closely with artists through the stages of your commission. Because most of what I work on IS description, I can work with you even if I have other clients in que since I bounce around at different stages. It's kind of nice because then I'm not waiting and can also give everyone updates about equally. If you're interested let me know!


Hey, I'm prefectly fine with taurs and even though I haven't had the occasion to draw many chubs in the past that's something I'd really like to try!!

I don't mind working with no reference, I'm used to work with only text descriptions anyway x) My reference start at 40$ CAD for 2 fullbody views.




Pixel Artist
Just to give you some options:
I'm a pixel artist, so if you don't like pixel art, I understand.





Depending on what size of an image you want, my price would vary. (2$ charge since it's w/o references)
12$/per view +2$--> For a 96x96 (could show markings ect. but detail would be limited), It'd take me about 2 hours, totaling out to 10$
15$/per view +2$ --> For a 128x128 (would accommodate more detail), it'd take me 3 hours, totaling out to 15$


Hello, I'd be willing to help if you'd like!

I'm perfectly fine working with descriptive references but if there can be images provided for a vague reference I can work with that too. I do try to work as fast as I can, however if I take long it wouldn't be my queue as much as the fact that I wish to have everything right, I do like to check with the commissioner to see if everything is ok.
All in all though, I take about a week or sometimes less on a commission depending on how things go!

My reference sheets go for~65$ but depending on the detail work it might bump up a bit.
Here's a sample of a reference sheet I've done

They can vary to fit the comfort of the commissioner!

and more samples of my work!

If you're interested do let me know through a PM me here or note me on my FA!

Thank you and hope you have a nice day <3


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Hello! I'd be happy to help. I have no examples currently of taurs, but I am skilled at drawing strictly from description and I have a solid knowledge of anatomy. For examples of my work, you can check my FA gallery:

Artwork Gallery for Tigers-on-Unicycles -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

For commission pricing, here is a handy graphic:


At the moment I have no commissions so completion time would be relatively short. If you have an interest in my work or if you just have some questions, you can PM me here on site.

Thank you for the offer and good luck finding an artist!
Hello ! I would love to work with you ! I do not mind at all working off different reference images, or even a written description ! I can provide a front and side view for you for only $30. My base price for reference sheets with one fullbody colored view is $20, and all additional fullbody views are an additional $10. I can also do views of other features, for an additional $5 for each. For example, something like this:

Would only cost about $50. Information and a color pallette are included with the base price. Here are some more examples of my works:





If you are interested in working with me, feel free to send me a message on here or note me on my FurAffinity below !
Artwork Gallery for werewolf-kun -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

If you're still looking for an artist I'm interested in designing this taur for you! I'm perfectly comfortable with drawing larger characters, muscles or chub, I only have sketches right now of such types of characters. I'm a full time freelance artist of 7 years, having worked in a variety of fields, from video games to comics, all of which I've had to create character of varying sizes and proportions too. I also have a fast turn around time for art pieces too, so you wouldn't be waiting an age to receive them.

Here are my portfolios!
Userpage of zannyhyperness -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
ZannyHyper's DeviantArt Gallery

You can get in touch with me here, on DA, FA or at my email JESPOLDEN(AT)GMAIL.COM


More examples are below the spoiler!



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Hello! I am very fond on drawing chubby characters. For that prize Ican draw models front, pack, side, and pictures of details of the character too. The sheet would be OK even for the base for 3d modeling (little hobby of mine).


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I am interested too. I have no problems with drawing chubby characters, all body types are welcome!
Here are some examples of my work:





For cell-shaded reference sheets (like the first three) I charge $25 USD per full-body view, so a reference sheet with a front, back and side view would cost $75 USD for example. For digitally painted references I charge $35 USD per full-body view, so a digitally painted reference sheet with a front and back view would cost $70 USD.
Please note me on FA or e-mail me at sushychan(at)gmail.com if you want to work with me.


Hey! Don't know if you're still looking, but my ref sheets start at $40 for a simple two view sheet. It's $60 for a three view sheet, and $5 for each extra expression or detail shot. I don't have any taur examples, but I draw a lot of chubby characters!

Ref Sheet examples:


Example of a chubby character:

The rest of my commission info can be found [HERE]


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i do ref sheets w/ a front view, headshot and palette for $40 AUD


actual refs are 1225x1050 minimum :0

Hello, if you are still looking for an artist please check here for my examples, pricing, and more info.
Please message me if you're interested or have any questions about the process or pricing!



the fox
hey! should you still look for an artist, i can help you!

i got no problem drawing taurs or/and chubby characters. it depends on how much detail your character has, but a ref sheet like those examples would be about 50$. i can work very fast, since i got a lot of time and motivation. thanks for considering!


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Examples under the spoiler, first one is closer to what you'll get and second one is experimental, but it's a good style reference. I currently offer front view + back view + 2 headshots + up to 3 tattoos/accessories/close-ups for $50, anthro only.

Please contact me via FA notes (greisen) or Telegram (kesterr) if interested
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