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Looking for an artist (Raven)


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Well, hello there everyone.

I never expected myself to be in that situation, but here we are, I guess. Recently, I have started larping, and it just so happen the place I go to allow a race that fits my Sona. Basically, they're raven people.

So, I've tried checking around on how I could make a nice looking mask for a costume, and then I thought to myself : "Hey, the furry community have good artists who specialize in doing EXACTLY that". I've tried checking to make it myself, but, let's be honest, I have no artistic talents.

So, my request would basically be as follow :

I'm looking for a full head mask of a REALISTIC raven. I really don't know anything about fursuiting or costume-making, so, pardon my lack of example on that one. But really, I don't want anything too complicated (I think). Just a mask with black feathers/black fur (Since, from what I've read, making it with feathers would be a real pain, and not give that much of a great result). No special hairfeathers or anything. No moving beak. And not even eyes, in fact. I'd prefer having only eye sockets with my real eyes, and use black paint to cover up the exposed skin around my eyes. I'll probably need to talk a bit with the artist so we can plan it out better before the actual conception start. Might even go with eyes if we can work something out.

One special request, who is optional but still would be appreciated, is sturdiness, especially for the beak. While I'm not supposed to be playing a frontliner, there are still chances to get a few sword hits from time to time, and I would rather not have it breaks at the first hit. Foam swords can still pack quite a punch when they hit. I have no idea how possible that is, or even how expensive that might end up been. Again, that's very optional.

Now, as for the more... logistical side of things, here is what I have :

Country : Now, I would allow artists from everywhere if needed, but for obvious reasons, I would prefer someone in Canada, since that'd make less borders to cross.

Money : My favorite range for it would be between 400 to 500$ in Canadian, but I could go lower if I can, and I can go up to as much as 700$ if I really need to. Read that as 500$ been a soft limit, and 700$ a hard limit.

Timeline : Larping season is pretty much over by this point. I have plenty of time before the next event, which won't happen until late spring next year. That's almost half a year. From what I've seen, a mask like that would usually take about 2-3 months, so, I don't think time is going to be a problem on that one.

Payment : I had some bad experiences with some picture commissions before, so I'm putting a warning here that I'm going to do something special for payment. I'll be using Paypal to send the money, but I won't sent the full price right at the start. I want to divide in two. The first half of the payment will be made at the start of the conception, after the brainstorming. During the conception, I'd like having feedbacks from the person, including pictures of the mask been made. The second half of the payment will be sent once I have a proof that the mask is fully completed. I would rather send it once I have a proof that the item has been sent over but before I receive it (Something like a copy or a picture of a sheet/whatever showing that the package was sent by mail, for example), but I understand not everyone might want to do that. Again, this whole part is debatable, but this is how I would prefer to proceed.

So, that's my request. Feel free to throw questions at me or send offers by PM. I have no idea if my project is even doable/reasonable, but hey, just like for my larp, it's better to try out your chance than just not trying, huh?


You could do dyed feathers, but it would be a bit of work to anchor/individually tie them in a woven mesh medium. Start from the lower back and work forward to make them "lay" properly. That's actually easier than the next part...

Secondly, taking a shot to a beak (literally). If it was proportional to head size, it will require a well engineered base due to force multiplied by leverage. Even a somewhat light hit might be highly uncomfortable when transferred through the mask. It'll probably knock it sideways, or tear/damage it. Anything soft enough to absorb the force, and negate the force at the base, probably won't be able to have that natural shiny beak look. Youll also have to consider the weight hanging out there.

Last thought I possibly consider, is a latex molded beak. Or, don't get hit and use vacuum molded ABS, or any of the other lightweight composite fabrics.

It's an interesting idea, I'm sure someone with some time will be able to do this.


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Thanks you, Legacy. I've rechecked and it is, in fact, illegal at that place to hit or even aim at head/neck level, so, I think the chances of an actual hit on the beak might be a lot less than what I thought at first. Anyway, I'm gonna be a wizard-like class, and I have a bunch of friends who are going to be playing as warriors with tons of hitpoints and armor, I shouldn't have to worry THAT much about getting hit by a sword.

I must say, though, that I'm a bit surprised by the lack of answers, even if it has been over a month... Is it just that the amount of fursuit makers is really low around here, or am I just looking at the wrong places/no presenting my offer well enough to get attention? I'm a bit curious on that one...


Well, suit makers probably spend more time on thier craft than internetting. Most I know stay backlogged, and to maintain business profitability, they can't afford to not be making suits.

That being said, there is a sticky of makers at the top of this sub forum. Direct contact will certainly yield more information, as they aren't going to ignore a potential customer if they have an open slot. Some may tell you they are closed till xxxx, so expect that beforehand.

The biggest kink is that payment schedule you planned, honestly. Materials price minimum up front is normal, so if you bail at the end they are only out time on a custom piece. They aren't going to risk sending it all on a promise, especially with how people in general can get shady.

If you pick a popular maker, I wouldn't worry about being screwed over. These people can't afford bad business due to competitive nature.


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After checking in on several fursuit makers around, I have come to the conclusion that fursuiting is a LOT more expensive than I thought and even the cheapest pieces I could find are waaay above what I had planned, and I sure as hell can't afford to spend more right now. And all of the makers I could find are closed to commissions AND quotes and only open on very rare occasions through the year... Sooo, yeah, I think that was a bad idea, I'm probably going to give up. Too bad... Thanks for the help anyway, Legacy!


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Well its been awhile since you started your thread but I just saw it now. When I read your description I immediately thought of magpiebones ( Userpage of MagpieBones -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ) , who specializes in these type of masks you describe. While the full masks would be definitely out of your budged, partial masks start at ~482 CAD and orders open again in January, so it might be a really good option for you.

Here's an example: