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Looking for an Artist to do a Commission for me.

Hello everyone, I'm Knelle and I'm trying to find an artist to do a reference sheet commission for me.

First, to explain a thing, I had commissioned someone not on FA to do a reference sheet for my character for $50 and asked for a deadline of 2-3 months (if the commission was really hard I said it was fine to take longer). She created a few pieces already but after month two I didn't hear from her at all. It's been 4 months now and she still has not replied so I withdrew my commission stating she can keep the money for the work she has already done.

The above explanation is not an attempt to receive special favor or a reduced price, it is only to explain how I have reference material for my reference sheet while claiming no credit for it so as to make everyone reading happy.

Now then, on to business. Here are some characteristics of my fursona:
Name- Knelle
Sex- Male
Height- 5ft. 8in.
Weight- 154lbs
Species- Abyssinian Cat
Body Type- Slim Build
Eyes- Gingerbread Brown
Ears- Two black stripes across both ears.
Left Arm- Black slashes across left forearm nearest to the wrist.
Chest- Black keyhole tattoo over his heart.
Tail- Black stripes across the end of his tail.
Dick- (omit if it makes you uncomfortable) 6 1/2 inches, humanoid, and cut.
Hands and Feet- Humanoid.
Legs- Humanoid.

I would like the commission to be done in color along with a color palette and the name "Knelle Thorne" on it as well, additionally I'd like the height and weight to be included. I'd like a front, side, and back view as this is a reference sheet for future artists to view and will provide better visual from different perspectives. My asking price is $50, same as I paid for the incomplete reference material. Price is negotiable along with other aspects of what I am requesting, just ask and we can hash it out. I'm not against adjusting price to fit your quality of work. Thank you!



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Hi! I'd be really interested in drawing this for you.
I offer digitally flatcoloured and general rated refs for 35$. Price includes: three fullbody views (front, side, back) up to 5 close ups for details, accessories or expression headshots, two chibi front/back view as a fur pattern chart and a colour palette. There's of course no problem in adding the height and weight of the character.
Basically, everything you see in these examples here: http://valery91thunder.deviantart.com/gallery/38376034/RefSheet-Commissions And there's even more of them in this other folder: https://www.weasyl.com/submissions/valycenegative?folderid=58860 (which has both very old examples and recent ones). Also feel free to check out my whole gallery for examples of feline characters ^^
I take payments via Paypal only and provide sketch and coloured WIPs for approval. Turnaround is in about a week! You can contact me via FA note, forum PM or email at alkalinesparks [at] hotmail [dot] it ^^
Thank you Valery91Thunder, I'll look over your gallery and let you know, I have reference material for the reference sheet from the "ditch" artist to hopefully make the task easier.


If you're still open, for 50$ I could do front/side/back view and either 3 unshaded headshots, or 1 fully shaded headshot (the fully shaded one will also be uploaded as a separate picture, but it's included in the price)
Here's what I did with my character Morzis and his really simple reff (he only has a side view, but I want to show you how the whole shaded headshot deal works):

His reff: http://xserzus.deviantart.com/art/Morzis-Reff-sheet-509472246
His headshot as a separate picture: http://xserzus.deviantart.com/art/Hello-darling-509456780


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I am new in the commission 'business' so I don't actually have any reference sheet examples, but I would love to do one of your character. My fa gallery is made of only very recent works so best examples of the kind of drawings I can do is on my main gallery on deviantart

Do check it out and if you're interested, send me a note with an offer and maybe we can chat over it some more. ;)


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Hi! i would do like to do your request! here some example of my art!
In addition, there is a special offer: If you commissioned a design from me, you can get a second free from :iconvalethehowl: just go here-->http://www.furaffinity.net/user/valethehowl/

Sketch 6$:

character profile 15$
character profile 15$ NSFW: (Simple) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13658329/ - (Detailed)http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14767923/
Big draw 20$:

little draw 10$ (NSFW):
draw with multiple character 40$ ( 3 or more...):

CHIBI 10$ or more:


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I can do a full reference with 3 views + whatever other details you like for $25-30. :)
(Can also include a complete feral ref for an additional $15.)


The above reference uses a base I created for adoptables and is therefore rather small and unoriginal, your reference would include custom lineart instead of this base.

More of my art can be found in my gallery and scraps - http://furaffinity.net/user/distracted--/


For a full reference sheet my starting price would be at 100$ and might vary depending on how many changes you'd want to make as you see progress. My payment plan is that nothing is paid until you've seen the sketches at least and then there's always communication of progress and such. The way I do my commissions as well is that you'd have the sheet in a minimum of two weeks (with full communication of course). And then I have the added where there can be a 50/50 payment plan just in case something happens and I'd always be happy to refund you if you change your mind in the future! I hope to hear back from you. And example of my usual style is below but an example of a reference sheet will be up by tonight on my fA. I hope to hear back form you!

fA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/punksm0ker/
​dA: http://punksm0ker.deviantart.com
tumblr: http://punksm0ker.tumblr.com


Hello Knelle, sorry to read your previous commission didn't quite work out. I'd like to offer my services however and hopefully give you the ref sheet you're looking for.

Here are some samples from my gallery: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14830182/

Feel free to browse through the rest of my work on FA as well.
As for your budget, I charge $50 for a front and back view plus three extras (detail shots, expressions, etc.)
Palette and any textual information are always included free.

PM or note me if you're interested, and I hope you have a better experience this time around with your commission :>


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