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Looking for an artist


I'm looking to get a silly picture of my fursona done. I was thinking of having it set after Thanksgiving is over and my fursona ate too much turkey and is trying to work it off (on a treadmill maybe with a drumstick in his hand). I want him to be a fatfur in this pic, more toony and silly than anything else. Preferably colored. My budget is between $20-$40. Anyone interested? ^^
I am currently working on a guest artist spot for the online comic Vinci and Arty. Here are some samples of some of requests and commissions that i have done. if you like what you see, please feel free to leave me a note. I do everything traditional. I color with colored pencils. I will do it for $20 colored. If you are interested, just click the paw and send me a note. I work fast, and you get great quality work I will send you the original through the mail. I hope to hear from you soon!


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I would be happy to do it for 20, including digital coloring. :D My art is here, please drop me a line if interested!
Happy hunting!


Who wants pancakes? : D
Fully colored with a background, random objects laying around (unwrapped presents, half eaten cake and stuff like that) and beautiful rim-lighting from the fire place... $50. I have a really beautiful idea for this built up in my head if you are keen. I know its a bit over your price range, so I would be willing to let you pay in installments or I can do the same image without such a detailed background for $35 (but full CG rendering would look 100X better, imo.)

quality samples can be seen in my signiture, on my FA account or in my DA gallery (DA is more varied)


ive got a great idea for this and id be up for doing it for about $10. take a peek at my gallery and let me know what you think ^_^


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I could give it a shot!