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Looking for an Feral Macro Grow Story Idea creator [SFW]


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Hi, i hope thats the right way to do this. :)
I am in search of an Idea Creator for a few Macro Story´s about two Wolves and one Dragon.
I´ve already got a few Story´s about the Wolves, but i need some different Macro "Action" "thing" whatever you gonna call it, but and thats the problem i don´t really know exactly what i want.
I was thinking: More Heads - More and other Ideas, you know.

For Looks of the Characters:

White one: Sara
Grey one: Felan

And here´s the Dragon:

Hope thats ok.
For communication i think Discord works the best:

Thank you all.


EDIT: Some confusion!
I don´t want a whole Story! Only an Outline. (Around 1k Words)
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