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Looking for an RP-Partner (人◕ω◕)


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This post is no longer available and I'm not looking for any new rp-partners.

Thank you everyone who contacted me before I edited this post, you're the best!
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Hello. I'd like to rolepleay with you :3
Heyy! Nice to meet you ( ◉◞౪◟◉) Just send me a little friend request on discord whenever you feel like it. I may be going to bed though, since It's midnight where I am, but we can always start chatting tomorrow.

Akuno Meshitukai

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Hey! I’m interested in the role play idea. I’m not sure what your restrictions are. I am pretty good at romantical stuff. I have two sonas to use. One male, the other female. I’m up for either. I’m not able to get to discord at the moment, but I wanted you to know I’m interested.