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Looking for an rp partner over Discord [FxF, FxM, Plot Based Mature RP]


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Eyo! =u=/
My name is PD and I'm looking for an rp partner via discord. I have a number of characters I want to play again. I'm also in the mood for FxF, and maybe some high fantasy stuff (think DnD type creatures and mythology).
I'm really into species differences too.


Lover of Beasty Baes
So some rules:
No one under the age of 18
No pictures, period.
Para rp only
Original characters/ plots only
Third person only, novel format
I get bored quickly if my character is just torturing yours, seriously, even my monster muses. Keep it interesting.
If our personalities don’t mesh well, please understand. I like to work on plots with people and it helps if I get along with them well.
Ask me for my rabbit hole~​

Once you read this, and if you're interested, you can message me for my discord. c:
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Lover of Beasty Baes
I saw the word "torturing" and that immediately came off as this being sketchy af
Thats actually the point.
I've been asked to play straight torture plots before. Angsty story rps. I did not like it because it was just repetitive and tiring.


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It'd probably be a good idea to post what kind of things you'd be looking for, like:


Stuff like that


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I did mention specifics. I have a list, but i don't want to bombard people with lists. I hate it when someone asks ne to choose from a list of things TAT


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Unrelated, (but not really) I really want to make a stone lion muse~ <3
They're so fascinating and I could get some nice oocult plots out of them x3


Lover of Beasty Baes


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Hello! I'm quite new to RP, but if you're still looking for someone I'd be interested in giving this a try. I'm willing to respect all of your rules of course.