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Looking for an rping partner

Mysticstar Moonrise

Leader of LunarClan
Hello there! I'm a new member on this site and I would love to make new friends and rp partners on this site. Anyways I'm looking for an RP partner who's interested in world building, slice of life, or fantsy/sci fi types of rping. Here's a list of what I'm comfortable with in my rps.
I prefer to rp on Discord btw.

What I'm conformable with:
-some level violence
-light kinks
-paragraph(3-5 sentences or more) responses

What I'm unconformable okay with:
-most types of fetishes
-god modding during rp
-extreme forms of violence

If your interested just message me and we could discuss the details further.
Well I am an experienced role player looming for someone to join me in a fantasy style to if ya want we can DM to work out details


Tea thief <3 She/Her <3 POTATO QUEEN
Heyo! You said you like fantasy? All of my characters have some type of magic, so I'm set for fantasy rp! I can't rp on Discord, unfortunately, but will it work on here?


Tea thief <3 She/Her <3 POTATO QUEEN


New Member
Heya! I’m somewhat new to here too. We’re you willing to do any realistic RP?

edit: (I would use discord but it stopped working for me. Element would be preferable)