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Looking for an SFW Policing RP, can be military or whatever. Even railroading works if done right.


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So I wanna start off by saying this: Why da hecc u mofos so horny all da time! Since I'm 17 (for like two more months as of this post. 4 Oct. is when I don't have to worry about this anymore).

Anyway. Hai I'm Ryker. A raccoon. That's where my name comes from- Useless comedy over.

I'm looking into seeing if anyone would be interested in some sort of policing-oriented roleplay. Whether it be like it's a traffic stop, and I'm pulling you over; or if it's a ride-along; or even we're just partners.

A little information about Ryker. He's a German police officer, and he's also in the CT group GSG-9 (Or Grenzschutzgruppe 9, in full). His uniform depends on what he is doing, really. In any city servers I'm in on Discord I usually have him wearing a combat shirt, combat pants, boots, and a hat. His shirt, pants, and hat all have the word "POLIZEI" written on them. The shirt has it on the front on the chest, on the back, and written down his sleeves. His pants have it on the pocket flaps. His hat has it written on the front, sides of the brim, and the velcro adjuster on the back. He has a standard duty belt, and carries the normal stuff on it. His pistol may be either Walther P99, H&K USP .45, or an H&K MK23 SOCOM as his service pistol. I usually use the term "pawcuffs" instead of handcuffs because it feels more furry and universal to different sized individuals.

Of course, I did mention two other things in the title. I can also do military, or even a railroading roleplay. German military, MODERN. American Railroading, since it's what I'm used to. I am also used to doing a little bartending every now and again, so if you want a raccoon bartender for any groups or anything, I suppose I'll be a good try-out!

Sidenote: If you don't agree with or dislike any of the themes I'm presenting here, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep it to yourself. This is literally so I can find the one in a thousand person I want for this, not to know anyone's distaste in my interests. Thank you!

Oh and I don't ONLY have Ryker. I have a ton of other characters that I can play. Too many to list here, but just ask and I'll gladly talk about em. Hell, I'll even create a new character on the spot for no reason even. Sometimes I do it for random characters that appear once, or just to roleplay as once.

I can also do ferals or Pokémon!

Ah a comment or a pm can help. Sorry that this isn't structured well, I'm just putting whatever I can down to post.

I usually pop on every now and again, but I shall try to be here more often over the next couple of days to maybe a week or two, just to see if I get any requests.

Again, I turn 18 on the 4 October, so in about two months from the time of posting. So if anyone wants to like "schedule" something NSFW, I'm all for that. I don't care. I just wanna focus on what I can do rn. Aight that's enough enters and I'm just gonna hope I gain something from this. Mainly peace of mind. Vent for another time.


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Hi, this sounds interesting. Can I join. I'm looking for someone to roleplay since I'm bored. Here's my discord: BridgeZlin#8056
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I may be interested; most of my characters are sci-fi, but I do have a few that could fit a modern setting.


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hey Ryker, you can send me a friend request on Discord, I have a bunch of military character


I pretend I'm a fluffy kitty on the interfloofs~
I may be interested; most of my characters are sci-fi, but I do have a few that could fit a modern setting.
Ooooooohhhhhhhh interesting! We could definitely come up with ideas and a possible storyline!!! If you wanna PM or want a social media of mine, lemme know!