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Looking for ANY of the following options

Hey there, I'd love to draw any of your SFW options!

Here is my commission sheet, feel free to email me or note me on my FA if you are interested :^)

Hey! I'm open for digital commissions! examples, pricing and other info here
Thanks, message if you're interested or have any questions about details and pricing negotiations!


Going to add one thing in real quick: the NSFW scale.

1 - SFWish (butts, nudity without nipples/genitals, sexual jokes)
2 - NSFWish (butt focus, nudity with nipples/genitals, more complex sexual jokes)
3 - NSFW (butts, nipples/genitals, sexual intercourse, some cum)
4 - Fucked upish (minor fetishes, harder sexual intercourse, gorey themes, more kinky, more cum)
5 - Fucked up (general fetishes, harder/not consensual sexual intercourse such as rape, some gore, way more kinky, cumbuckets)
6 - Holy hell (extreme fetishes, snuff AKA extreme gorey rape, extreme gore/torture, guro, kink machine, cum barrels, even stuff that has to stick to email)


hi there! i'm interested in doing pretty much most of your options, save for the hardcore nsfw and animation, but other than those i can pretty much do all of the above easy-peasy! my email is theroxonator@gmail.com if you're wanting to discuss at length about any details and the likes.

here are some examples of my art, by the way! feel free to message me back if you're interested, also!
(p.s. they look sketchy and doodly, because that's just what i tend to draw like when i'm bored, but any commissions i put my full attention into to make it nice and clean with straight and smooth lines!)




(an example of my lines, generally clean and smooth)
here's my gallery and also art blog if you're interested in taking a look in those as well! i'm more active on my blog than furaffinity, but i'm trying to get more active on my fur as well.
gallery: Artwork Gallery for mugggy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
artblog: seamachine.tumblr.com: commissions are open again!

any input or feedback is appreciated! thank you!

Your Tumblr said you don't take NSFW, but your Furaffinity does.
Anything else you said on your Tumblr that's outdated I should be aware about, such as prices?


Hi, I'm new to this forum. you say you want some animation work done? Well I'm an animation graduate. I'm not sure what you'd be looking for or what style. So it'd be impossible to price it. Like, do you want me to animate you characters singing to a certain song (like in the example?) I think I might be able to do that. If that's what you're looking for. Let me know the details. Have a nice day.

Let's see an example of your animations first!


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Hey! I can pretty much do anything you want just hit me up and we can go from there


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Snell is Life

My sale I'm having is within your price range! Let me know what I can draw for you!


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Hi! I'm open for commissions~ I'm comfortable and happy drawing any of the nsfw levels you listed earlier.
If you're still interested in finding an artist, inbox me! I'd love to discuss it further :)

My detailed style:

And my more sketchy style:

And lastly, my commission sheet:
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Hello! I thought I'd give my gallery to you so you can see what I do and if it's to your liking I'd love to work with you!

I do a lot of animations for reasonable prices, [I offer two types, open and closed which range from $60 a char to $80 a char]
I do NSFW and SFW animations and Illustrations and offer bundled deals if you want a whole buncha stuff!

I also offer layaway for large and small commissions :3

Gallery : Userpage of problematicpossum -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Art Prices :