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Looking for art ($80 limit)


Some starving artist or whatever
I'd be willing to work for you. My turn around time could take up to a week or two due to college.

Key - Description of piece: $Bust | $Upper-half | $Full Body

Sketches - Simple drawings on paper. Specify digital or traditional: $3 | $4 | $5
Shaded Sketches - Detailed and shaded. Won't always be realistic--specify semi-realism or cartoon.
Cartoon: $6 | $7 | $8
Semi-Realistic: $15 | $16.50 | $18

Lines - Line art or traced versions of drawings made MSPaint and/or Manga (Clip) Studio friendly: $4 | $5 |$6
Flat Color - Simple coloring with no shading. Digital only: $5 | $6 | $7
Simple Shading - Just a few highlights, slide shading under limbs/head/etc.: $6 | $7 | $8
Complex Shading - Detailed with extra attention to lighting and body shape/clothing/hair/etc.: $9 | $10 |$11
Lineless Shading - A complex, detailed piece with shading and lighting: $15 | $20 | $25
Large 'Prints' - Large pieces with backgrounds. Can be flat colored, shaded, complex, etc. Specify cartoon or semi-realism: $15 - 50
*Additional characters in the large piece can increase the price, but not double/triple/etc. it.

Chibis - Lineless with simple shading is preferred, but I will do lined chibis with your choice of shading: $3 - $10
*Price depends on complexity of character design.
Gif Bounces - A two-framed lineless chibi gif with simple shading: $5 - $7

Custom Icons - Can be chibi, cartoon, semi-realistic. Will include shading. You will receive a large and small version.
Chibi: $2.00
Cartoon: $3.50
Semi-Realistic: $5.00



New Member
Anthro is for sure my main gig! I would love to do some canines for you, my general prices are below, let me know if you're interested!


National Treasure

These are my standard styles and pricing. At your budget you could get just about any of them (note: flats aren't just black and white, they can be color as well). As for turnaround time, if you give me a specific deadline I will be sure to meet it.

Userpage of tigers-on-unicycles -- Fur Affinity [dot] net here is my gallery on fa
http://draconicworkshop.tumblr.com/ and here is my art blog, where you can find more detailed commission information.

Just send me a message if you are interested. Thank you and good luck!


Hi! If you're still looking, my commissions are open!
I charge about $35 for each full body character
There's some extra info and examples on my tumblr over here
Thats for looking!