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Looking for Art Critique


New Member
Looking for an art critique and some help. Currently feel as if something is very much "off" in all of my finished artwork with no idea how to progress. The experience has been off putting and has greatly made me ask why I bother at this point. Fair warning that most of my artwork is NSFW.
Been making art for about 4 years. This is my account: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/unicuck/
Help would be greatly appreciated!


Snake awakens
First impression on me is a certain amount of stiffness to the posing and a bit of 'sameface' syndrome. I'd recommend sketching more to increase your comfort with general body-building and posing. And maybe do some face studies as well to mix up your expressions and face types.

Not bad though. Keep it up!


Hey ! I agree with BadRoy here. Some of your drawings have this little stiffness to them, sketching more dynamic poses would help greatly, thought this comes with a whole lot of theory and practice to get it right. I also noticed that with your more "recent" artwork, your characters that do not have a really distinctive feature on their face, look kinda similar ? maybe because of the 3/4 view angle that is really recurrent. I know its really hard to put aside this kind of angle but it might be one reason you feel discontent with your art.
Keep in mind that in those 4 years you really made some big improvements ( just compare the first picture of your cat character and the last one ! ) So you can surely improve a lot more in the coming years ! keep it up lad :)