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Looking for art of my boar fursona.


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Here are a couple of examples of my work.
Just a heads up if you are interested, I do charge in BPS and at an hourly rate, so the commission info on my FA is a time estimate.
For a definite quote, please PM me. :)


Howdy, I'd be avaiable if you're still buying art. The standard price for my most expensive commission type is 10 euros which includes up to two fully shaded characters. I'd also like to hear the details of your more complex Christmas themed commission, see if it's something I can do unless you already found someone else for it.
Here's my gallery if you'd like to see what my works are like (warning: NSFW content is included) Artwork Gallery for Amiir -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
And here's all the info regarding my commission TOS Commission Info for Amiir -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Hope to hear from ya


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Heya! If you're still looking for art, I'm open as well. c:

Within your budget I can do either an unshaded or shaded icon - $20 and $30 respectively. [Samples] Feel free to look through the rest of the FA gallery as well!
I'm also taking offers on wing-it commissions until this Friday in exchange for Amazon wishlist items - the three items I really want are on the topmost part of my wishlist, each costing within the $11 - $15 range (+shipping).
In that range it tends to be colored sketches which would normally be around $45+, or chibi art - we can talk about this more in detail beforehand.

If you have any inquiries, feel free to get in touch with me through PMs or my work email: neganeon@gmail.com
Thanks for your time. :>


My name is Vistrym, here's a link to my commission info. My commissions are super cheap and very affordable, here's some examples of my recent works.
Let me know if interested ♥



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Has this been filled, I'd love to add a cute boar to my portfolio. I charged probably about 20 for a reference sheet seeing as right now I have a holiday sale going on.