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Art Trade: Looking for art trades with anyone! (open)


Well-Known Chee
Heyo! I've not had many great ideas of what to draw recently, and thought I would try out some art trades! (Please keep in mind this is my first time doing art trades, so be patient! :) )
You can find examples of my art here!

How it's going to work:
You can post on this thread with what request you have/ character you would like me to draw. Please keep it SFW, both the requests and the references! If you have a specific request for situation, scenery, pose, etc. feel free to include it, and I'll try my best! I will do my best to get to your request sooner than later, but timing may be off on some days. I'll do some sort of digital painting like the ones on my FA page.

Things that I like to draw/ have more experience drawing (requests don't have to be limited to these!):
  • anthros!
  • spooky characters
  • I can try with feral animals, but my anatomy is off more so with feral animals than with anthro.
Things I would rather not draw:
  • humans
  • NSFW/borderline NSFW
If you're unsure if I'd be able to do something, just ask!
What I would like you to draw:

I have multiple OCs/characters that you can pick from!

Saber the Cheetah! (my fursona)
They can be drawn with or without clothes. If you draw them with clothing, I'd prefer leather jackets, sweatshirts, or some casual wear like T-Shirts and jeans. Honestly, though, whatever you feel comfortable with.



Lion OC: (doesn't really have a name) (feral)



Azrael and Salem
Edit: I have a ref for Azrael now.

Just a bit of info about these since I don't really have a full reference.

  • the one that has four goat eyes
  • angel of Death
  • no markings that aren't on the head
  • four arms
  • white angel wings, can be chibi or full-sized
  • male
  • floating halo, horns attached to head
  • short, goat like tail
  • the one with the closed eyes
  • demon of When That Word is On the Tip of Your Tongue
  • once again, no markings that aren't on the head
  • two arms
  • demon wings, black and pink, can be chibi or attached
  • floating demon horns
  • female
  • short, lamb like tail
  • talkative
They are friends, Salem is a bit more lighthearted while Azrael (being the angel of death) is a bit more down to earth.


You can pick one or the other, or draw both! Whichever you would like.

I'll accept most all trades, as long as you show some effort then I'll be appreciative!! You can pick any of the characters, I don't have many specific requests.

I'm excited to try this out, and see everyone's characters!
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