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Hiring: Looking for artist for inflatable vore piece $50-$100


New Member
Looking for an artist to commission a piece for me of my Floatzel 'Rakkira' as an inflatable pred

Specifics are that the floatzel be an inflatable and rubbing her squeaky belly as she taunts her latest unwilling prey.

Budget range is from $50-$100, further details can be discussed in PMs

The floatzel in question:


Active Member
Hi, I was very interested in your proposal and would very much like to be able to carry out this work.
This is the link of my portfolio in the FA: Raidez FA ( value negotiable )/ Artstation: Raidez
this is my page here in the forum where I ask my clients to write feedbacks.


New Member
I dont have examples of vore/enlargement but Id be willing to give it a shot! Here is my style. Private message me for details, I would be willing to do it for $60 :)