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Request: Looking for Artist for Realms Creature Sanctuary


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I am looking for an artist/creature concept artist to help me create the Realms Creature Sanctuary where artists will help create through their artistic creativity to bring creatures to life, with my writing to add to their lore.

This project will have the feel of a bestiary in terms of the format.

Why would you be interested?

Not only will you be creating diverse creatures that could be simply animals like dogs, cats, foxes, but can also be baby dragons, sea creatures, and creatures that are completely new. Of course, there will be different species that are dominant to certain biomes as well follow different possible elemental and spiritual appearances.

This is good for those of the fantasy expertise, but is good for anyone that enjoys creating animals and creatures looking for experience, to add to their portfolio, or to participate in a world building project that will expand beyond simple concepts.

What do I get if I join?

Very good question, not only will you be bringing life to a completely new universe, there will be a Patreon to generate revenue from supporters, art and lore posted to various art sites to help bring viewers. You can also add your own commission information in case our fans would like to hire you directly, further adding to your potential stream of revenue.

Aside from the general marketing and Patreon method, once we reach a point to where we have so much lore and art, we will pursue to have them published into physical books that we will sell.

The images below is a potential style to how the art would be done, however if you have a style different from this but still has that look to it, don't hesitate to show me when you apply.

Message me here (dm) or contact me on discord at kazonking#3911

(First image is to show base format concept)


Actual style ( more cute for creatures)