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Hiring: ($50+) Looking for artist (not cute) - humanoid art


in particular i am looking for art of this character

His concept is loose and I would love him to either have his mask off or on

something intimidating and cool, perhaps an action pose

I am not in the market for cute art style at the moment, but any type of art other than that is great~ thank you!

Yo! I've got 2 pieces to finish up, but if no one gets to you first, I can PM you some examples of my more serious style! I keep my anthro account and normal art separate, so my FA gallery is full of cutesy style, but I'm actually much better at the grimdark humanoid look!

Edit: to kind of add to my ""credentials"" here, I take a lot of inspo from castlevania and elder scrolls type concept arts for my human stuff, so I think I'd be a good fit for the mood you're going for!
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Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang

I can draw in any style. Check my Instagram for more style variants.

Reachable via Instagram, email, FA, note. current turnaround time, 2wks~1m

Style ref:

Action pose YCH you might be interested in:


Hello! I have come to offer my work, if you are interested in something or have an idea just Dm and we will see what to do; 3