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Looking for artist to do 2 char commission to be done by June 3rd

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(I have picked who I want! I'm a derp and don't know how to change the title so I'm writing here!) Thank you all for posting! It was very hard to pick!)

Ok! Just realized I have some extra money I can spend! And my mates Birthday is June 3rd! and I will not be there for his birthday :(
So I would really REALLY love to get him some art with us together as a surprise present!

I know this may be too last minute for anyone to draw and finish in time but I would like a NSFW pic with a bedroom background of me and him (I'll give better details to the person I pick for the commission)

My max budget for this is $65 sorry it can't be more :(

If you are interested and think you can finish it on time please link me to your FA gallery and I will take a look to see if the look is what I have in mind.
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I currently have a "YCH" style picture for sale over on my FA page. It would cost $25 to snag both spots.
Check it out here and comment there if you are interested. It could definitely be done by the deadline.
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13605422/ (nsfw of course)


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Hello there i would give a try and offer my services fot the comission you are looking for :3you can see my gallery for examples, and i have this little chart with my pricing list,but the usual price goes from $5 to 70 depending on what you would like ;3http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12040800/if you are interested and want to contact me you can add me on skype at skullstomper1
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