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Looking for artist


New Member
I am very new to this, and looking to have an artist work with me on getting an illustration of the furry I have in my head. Willing to pay some sort of fee.


Bring me my brown pants!
Thank you for telling me. I have no idea what an appropriate budget would be for something like this.

Whatever fits into your personal finances, it has to be at least $5. Just pick an amount your comfortable paying and the artists willing to work for that amount will apply.


New Member
I can do a flat-color image that will serve you as a quick reference picture for $25 dollars as I'm currently in Iron artist thingy :D
Something that would look like this:

My gallery for more examples: http://pre08.deviantart.net/56d5/th/pre/i/2016/214/6/1/shogun_by_skrieck-dacdayq.png