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Hiring: ($75+) Looking for artists, for a half body art (CLOSED!)


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Hey all.

I'll keep this open for a bit, hoping to find yet again, a fitting artist to work with.

I would like a simple art. Something similar to this two picture combined:


I would like the hoodie to stay, and the simple look from that same picture picture. But i would like the music player, and the headphones from the other one.
I would also like to requst some artist recommendations, on what background would look good with an art like this, and with my sona.

I'm also willing to go higher on the price if needed.

So, what i require from those who post here:
- Recommend me a background for the image.
- Set a price range.
- Be willing to accept 1 or 2 small changes. (For example, asking for the horns to be redone in line art phase, if doesn't come out right. (Yes, someone, drew it backwards before and refused to fix it))
- Be willing to apply small fixes. (Missing earrings or markings, in line art phase.)
- If i miss something in line art phase and notice it after coloring, be willing to accept fixing it, for additional payment if needed.
- Try to communicate. Everyone has a life, and sometimes, that life isn't easy. I'm willing to wait. But if you'll disappear without any messages for a longer period of time, i'll live with paypal refunds.

I might come out as rude in this wall of text. But it's just the reflection of meeting quite unreliable artists before.

I'll provide reference pictures of my sona, once i found the artist, who i'd like to buy from.


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Hello, i would like to realize your commission. Here some example of my arts and price. Don't be afraid to ask for more information:


Gioko Kun

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Hey, I can work for you <3

I like to make portraits, but I can draw half and full body too :>

DM me here or in FA Forum if you are interested, or we can use telegram if you want (mine it's JGworks).

Here some examples:






You can see more examples (sfw and nsfw) here: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/giokokun/


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Hello there, Night.Claw,
I would love to make an illustration piece for this kind of commission! I am actually excited about this project! I am specialized in drawing character scenes illustrations with the character in it with a background. I believe that will fit your budget very well. I am familiar with how to change edits that would satisfy the person and keep notes of later on. I am great at communicating especially while I am in college and I will let you know if any comes up.

1) I can recommend at least more than on background. The headphones, music player, and hoodie give me a Cyperpunk vibe! These are the background I was thinking of:


2) A price range can be determined on what you want:
Full Body: $32 colored sketch
$46 cell shaded
$65 soft shading

Character half body scene: $75
Character full body scene: $95
Additional characters and/or rush deadlines are $10 dollars. Simple backgrounds scene is $5 dollars.

3) Here are some of my work based off full-colored and rendered pieces.



4) For more information you can check my out website: Alma-Abyss art commission


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Hai! I would love to take your commission!! Here are some examples of my works:

Please visit this link for more example of my artwork, most of them are NSFW so I can't post it right here...

The basic price is $60 for one character with background.

Here is my commission information:

You can contact me through:
Furaffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/d685ab7f/
InkBunny: https://inkbunny.net/D685ab7f
Email: d685ab7fh2o@gmail.com


Hello Night.Claw

I personally think that a city background either from street view or a high vision point down would look excellent. My price range would be $40-$50 depending on the background you would choose, I can mockups to help give different options or ideas you can choose from if you wish. Small changes and fixes would be no problem and I'm very easy to get ahold of as I do freelance from home so I'm lurking often ^^

You can browse through my galleries to get an idea of my style is something you like.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.


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I'm open for commissions, but I've got a bit of a queue at the moment so it would be a while before I got to your commission if you chose to work with me. If you'd rather work with someone who can do it sooner, then I understand.

I see that the majority vote for the background is a city, but I'll be different and suggest a beach promenade! I think any time of day would work: afternoon, sunset or night :)

Regarding pricing, for a waist-up with background and accessories I would charge £60 (about $78.76 at the time of this message)
For a head and shoulders bust with background etc, £50 (about $65.63)

My Terms of Service can be found here: https://sta.sh/02dtpth6wmzr

Here are some examples of my work:
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Hello, I'm interested
Price would depend on background
If you want scenery background like on the first art it would cost 57$, if you want something simple like on the second one - 32$
For scenery I'd suggest sreet view, maybe with some neons on the buildings
I'm fine with making corrections as long as there's no mayor changes after finishing line art.
Term of service: https://sm0keyscommissions.carrd.co/#tos


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Hi, I am interested too. Here are some examples of my work:






For the background I would suggest a street with lights (in a city). I would charge around $40 USD for creating the artwork. I always send multiple work in progress pictures so that you can provide feedback. I am fine with small adjustments always, especially in the sketch/ink phase.
Please note me on FA or e-mail me at sushychan(at)gmail.com if you want to work with me.


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Hello, I am interested in working with you! You might find that my style is what you are looking for. Also, I was thinking maybe your sona walking through the park with the light hitting him just right for the composition. I think that'd be really beautiful.


Note: this example is a work in progress.

I am able to limit the fur detailing if that is something you'd like to be done.

Here is my pricing information: (I accept PayPal only.)

Basic: $70
  • Basic colored background
  • Simple pose and expression
  • Only the original items on the character are permitted.
Advanced: $85
  • Simple hand-drawn background of your choice
  • Intricate/dynamic pose and expression
  • Can include simple magic and items
Custom: $95
  • Detailed hand-drawn background of your choice
  • Complicated, intricate, dynamic or simple pose of your choice
  • Complicated camera angle + perspective
  • Any kind of magic, items, requested clothing, etc. are permitted
Full: $110
  • Any of the previously listed options.
  • Super high resolution eligible for prints (up to 900 DPI)
  • Full speed paint of your drawing included
  • Super complicated OC's are permitted
  • Full scenic background can be included
  • Extra character: +65% of original cost
  • Major edits during sketching stage:+20% of original cost (does not include the minor details that you have listed in your post, this is for things such as changing the entire pose, camera angle, etc.)
  • Major edits during final stage:+30% of original cost

If you are interested, please message me on Discord at Pho#7273 so we can further discuss the commission.

Thanks for your consideration!
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Hello! My commissions are open, you can find all prices and infos HERE
I do half bodies for 40-60usd and charge more for backgrounds!
I recommend a night city with some neon lights for the backgrounds!
You can check more examples of my work on my FA Gallery
são eles222.png



Hii! May i offer my work. For background I would suggest a sunset/night theme with a spot of lights like a light pole
heres some examples of my work and my caard link if interested https://ccirii.carrd.co/


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Hello! I am interested, and here is my FA gallery at NeoCanis, if you like my art, you can note me on FA, I am looking forward to be working with you. : )


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Hello! I'm open.

For a background, I would suggest something simplistic with the gaussian blur effect. Either a road/alley, a darkened room, or something else with a broody feel. My pricing depends on which style you'd prefer, but here is my commission information: https://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/tytysi/

For my clients that prefer frequent communication, I use Discord. Fixes are no problem as long as they're communicated clearly and timely. ^^

Here are some broody examples of mine:


NSWF (Gore/Blood/Nudity):


Hi, I am a freelance artist who draws without restrictions on the subjects of furries\ ponies\ people and others you want.

All my works you can see in my twitter (@devi_shade), or my furrafinity account (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/develi/)

Contact with me you can by discord (ResexeR#5135), Telegram (@Resexer), or anywhere you want.

We can negotiate about price or other order details



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Hi! my price range is 45-55 USD! i can do all the fixes you desire and i provide wips all along the way! My background suggestion would be a simple city one! like a bus stop by example and some city lights behind.



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Gonna keep this open until Friday, then I'll close it.
Gonna give a chance for peeps who might wanna offer their work, just maybe didn't see it.

But, i think i already know who I'll pick.

So many good art...


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Thank you all for showing all this great art. Some of them even gave me ideas for future commissions. Really happy that i was introduced to such wide variety of art styles.


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hiya, im not sure if you're still looking for anyone at the moment, but i wanted to share my availability as someone who's looking for a project at the moment with a quick turnaround.
take a look at my carrd for all information regarding examples, prices, and more !