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I will deliver the explosion
I'm willing to do SFW royal domination!
Prices: www.furaffinity.net: Commission Price Sheet by sodabubbles
My gallery has more examples.




I'm fond of a lot of stuff on your F-List, Most of my examples are very NSFW

I do Single Layer Colored [all details and color on 1 base layer + ink] $30-$80 depending on # of characters: www.furaffinity.net: Adopted: Watermelon Hyena by theodrekr

Full Shades $90 per character : www.furaffinity.net: Moonlit Were-Breeding by theodrekr

Also- I am looking for someone willing to do either a Full shade or Experimental Painted piece with my Fjord Stallion [Anthro or feral customer choice]. It would be his debut and he is definitely all for # 2, 5, 8, 11, and many more. If there were some jealous heads peaking around the corner, I'd be all for throwing some of those in for free. If a few others wanted to be a bit included in the piece. :>
Hello ! I'd love to work with you to make some art of your character, thought I must state first: I will only draw SFW material. If you're alright with that then I'd love to work something out ! Here are some examples of my works:





For something like the first two images, a fullybody with clean lines, color, and rough shading, my asking price is $25. For detailed cell shading the price would vary between $30-$35, depending on how complex the shading would need to be. A very detailed background would be an extra $15. Feel free to message me on here or contact me on my FurAffinity page (under the same username). If needed, I can also provide my email to you if any messages become too much to process otherwise.


Hello there! Im interested1 PM me for more info, and here's some examples of my work`


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I would really like to draw her shes such a babe ;-;
This is how my art looks like: [warning: slightly NSFW] www.furaffinity.net: Laura Butt by ruruscube
Artwork Gallery for ruruscube -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Im especially interested in drawing her face sitting. My price for that would be 40€ if it includes another character except her
Or a sfw of her looking down on the viewer. That would be 15€ for halfbody and 30€ for fulllbody
You can note me on fA (ruruscube) if youre itnerested! I can also negotiate prices