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Looking for Artists to Watch!


Queen of Overworking™
I'm new to FA and I would love to watch some more people! Feel free to post links to your account with art examples! I'll definitely give your page a look!! :D

I don't have much art on here yet, but this is mine, if you're interested!


Smol fluff artist
I literally only have two submissions at the moment on my FA page and one of those is many years old, but I'm working on changing that. (there are also links on there that go to my dA and tumblr galleries)


Late Healer Ferret
Most of what’s on there right now is kinda old but newly uploaded, but I have a tablet now and am enjoying working with it. I also do dragon sculptures!


My sig has my page, but I also have a sketchbook thread: here


Werewolf Hugging Pro
I have a deviantart account by the name of LadyWo1f! My work isn't popping up atm since I'm on phone but I do a mix of everything, I'm getting better at digital coloring but I'm mainly a traditional artist

Oh wait you mean fa artists *wheezes* I'm suprised I haven't moved my furry art to there yet omg