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Looking for Artists


I have a few commission ideas I'd like to get in the near future, but I'm lacking artists and can't seem to find what I'm looking for.
(Might try looking on SoFurry too, as FA just doesn't have that great of a search)

I have a few artists I currently really enjoy: Pigmint, Veemonsito, SkyMafia, PizzaLizard.
All cute and toony styles for affordable prices!

But I want to expand, so I'd love if you linked me some of your favorite artists, or even yourself, FurAffinity accounts.
Primarily looking for more Cute/Adorable styles, while also being under $90 for two character-full color.

Look forward to seeing everything! ^-^


Well-Known Chee
Hi! I think I could draw the sort of thing that you'd be looking for! My FurAffinity page is here, and my prices are pretty cheap - for two finished fullbodies it would be $28. You can find more of my prices and options at my commission sheet :). Here's a few more examples:


Good luck with your search!


Dragon Puncher
Welp, I’m a tad more expensive at $60 for one character and $90 for two. But I do boast high amounts of feedback and control for my clients.


Active Member
Heya! My commissions are open :>

Here are examples of my latest work

and Here are my prices and ways to contact me :>

Thank you so much!