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Hiring: Looking for badges and portraits $30-60 budget [CLOSED]


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Heyo! I'm looking for a fursquared badge for my Protogen. Cyberpunk/synthwave themed would be preferred! If possible I'd like the badges before Fur Squared (Feburary 10th)

Additionally, I'm looking for some holiday themed portraits of my main sona, Mica. (Both SFW and NSFW)

Feel free to drop me a line in my inbox if you're interested and we'll see if we can work something out!!

Thanks in advance and happy holidays!!

Note: This post will be edited once an artist(s) is found

Thank you for everyone who commented or DMed me! This thread is now closed as I've found what I'm looking for ^-^
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hey! feel free to take a look at my commission thread here for examples of my work and usual prices to see if you'd be interested in my work! i can provide more examples if you're interested <3

here's a few recent commissions i've done!