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looking for badges, ear/tail commisions, and premade/refurbished partials oh my


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Using a mule/dummy account so my friend who frequents this forums won't recognize me. >o>;

Looking for:

Con badges! Price range $5-15
The character is rather simple. Will message you urls to the refs if your interested. :3
*Should be done in time for fc~

Ear/tail commisions! Price range $20-40
Looking for someone to do a custom bunny and tail combo. :3
(Three colors)
Will message a ref if interested. :D

Partials you don't want anymore! Price range $500
Looking for cute female/androgynous good shape partials that need a loving home.
Want to make a lolita fursona costume
feetpaws not required~


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I could make a conbadge for $5 but won't be able to laminate it, because I have no laminate-er D:
It can be in any of these styles, I'm pretty open to anything that isn't pornographic.


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Avarice Dobermann

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I have a blue kitty partial if you're interested.
She was my first cat I've ever built and she has
a really good shape, so if you are going to change
the appearance then I'll gladly give her up.


Alice Alexia White


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I have a pink kitty head, that I would like to sell. It was made by My Fur Creations. I've had it for a year and never worn it. It will need a few small repairs as the ears fell off the head, due to poor sewing, but other than that. It's really new, and never been worn. I have a sliding scale of $150-$200, but I will consider any offer you give me if you want it.

Link: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/bluewinkle/

Please message me if you are interested.
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Hey there!

I do mini headshot badges for $10; Example!

I can definitely have it done and shipped out before FC
If interested, send me a PM on FA~


The Black Unicorn
I offer a couple types of badges, standard bust badge in holder, custom cut bust badge, and double sided badges. All prices can be found here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1918636/
Please note me if interested.


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I'd love to do a badge for you! Right now I have a sale going on til the end of January, so the price for badges is $11.25 for digital, $15 for traditional media - extra $5 for the sleeve and lanyard (I have no capabilities to laminate, but I can get my hands on a protective sleeve in the meantime). Below are some refs for my badge style (digital examples only right now, sorry):


Let me know what you think! Thank you! :3