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Critique: Looking for beta readers or critique partners for my YA fantasy novel


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Title: Martinet Sages

Description (an excerpt from my query letter):

In a corpse filled world, Zareaz demands story time, where three lies equals free lunch, an ample serving of a wyvern named Seth. Only a truthful story can set Seth free from the tree house and the group.

Jay is the only mediator that separates Zareaz from eating Seth. He wants peace between the two, so they can survive the island known as the Isms. Every accusation leads to another chance where Seth flies home and Zareaz stays with Jay. When the stories between the two conflict each other, Jay must decide who is telling the truth and who is lying.

Content advisories: some sexual innuendos

Type of edit: In-line, but anything goes! Feel free to comment on anything provided that you use track changes in Word. Some ideas: plot, character, world building.

How to distribute: email. It's not on FA.

Time frame: none

Message me if this interests you.