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Looking for Bird/Avian roleplay partners/friends. (18+)

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Heyo. I was debating on either I should make an ad or not. But I figured I’d give it a shot.

I’m looking specifically for birds and avians to do some roleplay with, specifically scenarios that could potentially be spicy and lean into nsfw/18+ territory (which is why i labeled the post as 18+, lol). Why birds? Because they’re my bias. Not sure how rare avian furs are around here, but I’d guess some do lurk in these forums. Either way, I just want some bird friends. Mostly looking for chill individuals or those who might stick around. RPs could potentially be long-term, but I usually will go with or do whatever to accommodate roleplay partners. All the roleplay stuff will/can be discussed in DMs or over discord where I’m mostly active.

If your a bird or avian fur, feel free to shoot me a message if your interested or reply to the post and I’ll shoot you a DM.

This is the end of the ad, thanks for viewing and have a good day!

Kit H. Ruppell

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Henlo ovo


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Hey, I'm interested. (I know my pfp isn't an avian, but I have an avian sona)