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Looking for Commissions



I'm a bit new here. I only really realized the world of Furries was a thing the other day. Well, I knew, vaguely, but I didn't know it was so big (and friendly). Funny thing is, I've been drawing furries since I first read Redwall back in the 90s. Since those years, fursons appear in my artwork every now and then, always surprising me that they're still there. I truly enjoy bringing these fursons to life and think it's just about the coolest thing in the world that I can post them somewhere people might actually get them.

My deviantart portfolio is small atm, but I'm adding furries every day. Pricing is available on that page: http://mostlyteeth.deviantart.com I'm also just wrapping my head around what gets asked for (Chibi is a new word to me and I had to google whether an icon is the same as an avatar), so if you want something and don't see a price for it, just ask.

In my offline life music is my career and I do it full time. I've seen a few people asking for music on these boards, so feel free to ask away for that. I do strings (cello, viola, violin, etc), piano, a bit of guitar, and anything digital/freesound, etc.

Looking forward to meeting you. Drop me a line if you have something you'd like me to bring to life.


New one up today.
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