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Hiring: Looking for couple icons - Up to $50


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What you're looking for
I'm looking for couple icons. For me and my girlfriend. It would be used here on fA.
I don't mind if its just shoulders up or fullbody, I don't also mind if its pixelated or not.

We can make a deal that works for both of us, and I always love when artist can make the art look like theirs.
If you have some examples of icons to show to me, that would be prefect but not needed!

What's your budget
My budget is up to $50, but its flexible. I pay more if right artist is found.

I don't have time limit for my commission, but I would like to hear how long you think it will take. I'm prety exiting to surprise my gf with icon, as she doesn't have one yet haha.

You can contact me by replying here, or with a direct mail.
My email is rotanpoikanen@outlook.com or telegram ©rotanpoikanen !


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Hi there, I have dual icons available:

You can find more examples of my art on DA


Hi! Name is Jack, Just-A-Jack. I'm an a adult-artist, drawing anthro boys n girls, specialize on ero, pin-ups, but can draw any species and fetishes, SFW or NSFW - dosent matter. And I have an offer to you, pay attention please! Ordering a SFW painting you ll get a NSFW version of same art for free! And vice versa. You can choose any image resolution up to 4K.
Also you'll get a permanent discount to all my services for the future.
I will perform the work in the shortest possible time and at summit level. Mostly takes around 1-2 days to complete. BTW, if you write to me within a day - I'll give you discount right now and permanently.

Note me about commission at the forums, on FA or contact via Discord Just-A-Jack#0707 and I'll make some clean, smooth sketches for you

I accept payments only by PayPal and work only through small, but prepayment. If you pleasured by the sketch and after prepayment - i can get back to work =)

There are some sample:
And there's the price-list:

20$ - Headshot
30$ - Bust
50$ - 3/4
60$ - Fullbody
80$ - Ref.Sheet

+Additional character - 10-30$ (half of the basic price)

+Detailed background - 5-20$ (depending on commission type)


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Hello! I´m very interested on this couple icon commission.

Cost for 2 icons (couple icon) is:
-Full Color $64 USD
-Simple color $50 USD

You can check my gallery here:

If you are interested, feel free to ask! n__n




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Hi, I was very interested in your proposal and would very much like to be able to carry out this work.
This is the link of my portfolio in the FA: Raidez FA ( value negotiable )/ Artstation: Raidez
this is my page here in the forum where I ask my clients to write feedbacks.
Hello! I'd love to help you out with the icons - I work mostly with both pixel art and painty art, I could probably do each icon for around 20 USD whether you chose pixel art or painty :)





Hi Hi there! I have commissions open. You can check my portfolios and price board if you get interested. Any question feel free to dm/note me or give me a shout on discord (Moebiouѕ#3349). have a great day pal!
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Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang


hey! i can draw both icons for $14. they are full colored and have a simple cell shade. i don't take long doing my commissions (depending on if i have people on my queue or not). an estimated amount of time would be between one and three weeks. here are some examples :p

my latest piece of art:



An artist or something like that
Hello, I'm new in here and I'm just trying to reach new peeps, hope you take me into consideration. Here's some of my work, I do headshot Icons for $7 and half-body Icons for $12 O w O.
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