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Kuma Hontosha

The Fluffiest One
(I'm new to the forums so I apologize if this isn't okay)

Looking for a Custom!

I've been currently looking for someone for the past four days now that can make a custom feral dragon character based around a lot of references that I have found that somewhat fit what I am looking for. I have made note of the artist for each of the references I found in a Google Doc that can be found here: Custom Dragon Details (Document contains sexual content near the end). Also inside of the Google Doc, I had laid out mildly descriptive bits of information about what I'm pulling from of of those referenced images individually. I didn't go into immense details because if I did it would have been a few pages of my attempting (and failing) to describe all the details that I am trying to get out. On note the reason I mentioned the Document linked contained sexual content is because I want to have two versions of the custom, one version that was safe for work that I can post on places like DeviantART or to share with my friends and so on and so forth. The other would be an unsafe version that would basically just include the genitalia on it that would be used for future reference for myself when I get to being able to draw again, or to make it easier on commissioners to use for reference.

A few things that I am looking for on this custom would be:
• Full Body Profile View w/ alternate nsfw version.
• Top Bottom Wing Details
• Mouth Details
• Color Chart / Code with hexcodes (hexcodes are provided)

There might be a couple other things that slipped my mind at the moment, but that's the main gist of things.

Budget: $40

Contact Me
*Telegram - Kuma Hontosha on Telegram
Tumblr - Kuma Hontosha on Tumblr
Instagram - Kuma Hontosha on Instagram
Google+ - Kuma Hontosha on Google+
Twitter - Kuma Hontosha on Twitter

Contact me on one of the above locations (I cannot watch this thread 24/7 but I can easily respond on the rest.) stating you saw my ad on the FA Forums with Art Examples and Pricing. Do not contact me if your price is going to be above the budget mentioned above.

* = preferred method of contact