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I'm looking to for a small group of 4-5 players interested in taking part in a few D&D 5e modules/dungeon-crawls. Hoping to run the game sometime in the early afternoon (PDT) with 3-4 hour sessions with the day of the week being up in the air depending on what everyone's schedule is.

  • Planning to run it through Fantasy Grounds and Discord, so a microphone is required.
  • While not explicitly a "furry game," I am posting on a furry forum so no objections to having a party of anthro lions, tigers, or bears.
  • Age limit of 18+.

No dice or books required either! Just bring some positive energy and a few weird ideas.


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Hello there! =3
Will you be DMing this game?
Also, is Fantasy Grounds a furry group?
If not, will you be willing to DM in an anthro RPG group?