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My DM and I are looking for 2-3 additional players for a DnD 5e homebrew campaign. The game is not explicitly furry-related, but the DM has said, and I quote, "I'm sick of all these fucking humans and half-elves! Why won't people play some interesting races?" So I came here to look for people wanting to play more exotic fare.

The current roster includes:
1 Human Beserker Barbarian
1 Aasimar Celestial Warlock
1 Lizardfolk Circle of Spores Druid

The players who left were all various shades of human.

The campaign will be played on Roll20 with Discord audio and no video chat.
It will take place biweekly at
Monday 10:30 am BST (London)
Monday 7:30 pm AEST (Melborne)
Monday 2:30 am US Pacific (California)

And run for approx. 4 hours
Next session is on Aug 6th.

You can post your applications here, PM me, or use the Roll20 page, which can be found here:
The Greylands LFG | Roll20: Online virtual tabletop

"It is a time of great isolation and fear on the continent of Aporis. Each race sits alone in their capitols, surrounded on all sides by a terrible horror-infested fog. This white plague has swallowed the smaller towns and villages. Travel is only possible along the enchanted roads crafted by a long forgotten arch-wizard. Adventurers, mercenaries, and n'er-do-wells of every stripe seek their fortunes in the dangerous outskirts between the safety of the cities.

Religion is a lot more prevalent and has more power in this world, with magic like Wizards and Sorcerers being very rare and Clerics and Paladins being a lot more common. This is also helped by the fact that the campaign has homebrew Gods which can be seen in the pinned Applications listing. The descriptions of the different States can be seen in the 'Information on States' listing.

The party has been travelling around the Greylands doing odd jobs and seeking adventure. They have been hired to investigate the assassination of the King of Newcoast and are currently searching for more information on what caused it at the swamps near the mageocracy of Treagon. This is where you shall come in. Each of you has joined this group for a cut of the pay that has been offered with your own objectives and goals in mind, and in need of a sturdy group to join for chances of greater treasure.
Our current party consists of a Lizardfolk Druid, Human Barbarian and Aasimar Warlock.

This will be a Dungeons and Dragons 5e Campaign in a homebrew setting. We will conduct it with Roll20 visuals, Discord audio, and no face video. Characters will start at level 4. Players can choose to either do the main stat array or roll for stats with 4d6 and drop one, though if rolled must be done in the game to be seen by me. The rules will be largely vanilla. Unearthed Arcana is allowed, pending DM approval. There will be a focus on player-driven goals, and RP. Levelling is done by experience. Good RP will be rewarded with experience points."
The gods of the setting are:

Major Gods:
Acaris, Goddess of Order - LN - Knowledge
Jedite, Goddess of Nature - LN - Nature
Ehotz, Goddess of Pleasure - TN - Life, Knowledge
Ocreus, God of Tricks - CN - Trickery
Jiva, Goddess of Magic - LN - Knowledge
Jotar, God of Death - NE - Death
Optar, God Of The Land - CN - Life, Nature, Death,
Jaaldir, God Of The Sky - CN - Light, Tempest, Nature
Taheia, Goddess Of Victory - LG - War, Knowledge

Minor Gods:
Rennos, God of Justice - LG - Knowledge
Reva, Goddess of Love - NG - Life
Edros, God of Agriculture - TN - Nature, Knowledge, Life
Ektyx, God of Mercy - NG - Knowledge
Pimos, God of Freedom - CG - Life, Nature
Gihtos, God of the Hearth - TN - Light
Oanke, Goddess of Music - CG - Light
Yrtarr, God of Honor - LN - War
Orna, Goddess Of The Hunt - CE - Nature
Ozton, God Of Messages - LN - Knowledge
Udona, Goddess Of Revenge - CE - War, Death
Zila, God of Trade - TN - Knowledge, Life
Tiesis, God of Secrets - Knowledge

Evil Gods
Ita, Goddess of Destruction - CE - Death, War
Oxeus, God of Wrath - CE - Death
Axulla, Goddess of Misfortune - NE - Trickery
Ehla, Goddess Of Envy - CE - Nature, Life
Liaris, Goddess Of Torture - NE - Death, Knowledge
Vebros, God Of Conquest - LE - War
Miteous, God of Greed - CE - Knowledge, Life

Please post your name, age, timezone, and what you want out of the game in your applications. You can include character ideas as well. If you have any questions, you can ask in the thread or contact me via PM.