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Looking for Free Art

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I know that is weird to ask for in general but...
I just came back to Furaffinity after a long time away.
I have had many accounts before and now I can only consider them as steps towards finding my true self.
This has been a very long process filled with much suffering and well, I won't jabber on about that.

I believe I have found my spirit animal. Someone, myself, that I can cling onto for some form of identity.
I have currently moved from Orlando, Florida to Ilion, New York. While it is quite boring up here it is also a lot safer. I do not have to worry about who's blood I am stepping in when I walk out of my front door.
Anyways. I can not work, nor go to school as of yet, HUD housing would increase the rent and etc etc.
I was hoping someone would be generous and well, would honestly have the time to help me out with a reference sheet, or anything at all maybe.

I know it's a lot to ask for but maybe I can reach out to someone who wants practice or something along those lines.

I would be most grateful.
Thank you.


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Closing this thread, since a different one was opened in The Art Exchange.
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