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looking for friends!


If anyone is out there needing friends and are new here talk to me im not like other furrs who judge them for who they are.


I can be a friend.
is can be freind
I'm always up for a chat.

Shadow Wolf

I'm kinda boring to talk to but I don't mind new friends :)


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Focke-Wulf said:
Always open to new friends. :)

you read my mind lol
anyone here can hit me up jake_boardman@hotmail.co.uk :p
also anyone is open to bust a comment on my myspace page :D


He who shale be ignored...
Persia: Perrrsia loves to be everyones friend nyaa =3 But Perrrsia doesn't know if she has the time for everyone nyaa :3 Oh and Perrrsia thinks Thety-dono could use a few more frineds too nyaa =3


Bike riding squirrel thing.
My YIM, MSN and AIM names should be in my profile should anyone want to talk to the squirrel :), Feel free to add me, i don't bite, unless the object resembles a nut of somesort >.>


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Hey, totally hit me up if you want to chat!

XBox Live! Gamertag is: Brigadier Bambi
AIM: Kearbearos
YouTube: NanaPudden

HINT: Go to your other favorite 'tube' websites, and just enter NanaPudden.
Yeah, you'll find me on one of those. Eventually. ^.- And I won't tell which.