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Looking for friends


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Just a nerd with depression and autism. I like anime, manga, reading, and writing. Pokemon fanfics to. I'm just in a slight slump. I'm Heather btw. wish you all the best. My fandoms are my little pony, Harry Potter, Steven universe, Pokemon, neopets, and gravity falls. I like you I love young adult books and fantasy a ton and I'm hoping to find long term friends. I'm in Ohio. Prefer discord but might text to. You all stay safe :) ps: what manga/shows/ books/ are you all into?

Just friend please. I love my partner c:

Stray Cat Terry

Hi! Welcome to the forums! Guess I'm the very first one to react to your greetings..?

To be honest, I guess your preferences aren't 100% fit, so I fear it won't be too easy to find your spot here. But anyways! Make yourself at home and maybe seek me for help if you need. And don't forget to pet me on the forehead... joking! X3

And in case you came for something that isn't here, peek around the forums to get a clue to what you can find here and what not. I saw some people came here for something that's not here. But worry not! I'm pretty sure even if you're wrong, you must have been misguided by 3rd party opinions. Hope you have fun here!

About the medias I like... I rarely watch mangas, but I like Made in Abyss. It makes me feel that the writer has experienced some and made it out as a setup, that I feel being understood somehow. Plus I like lab meat setups! (Cuz I am)


Hey I would be happy to be your friend.
Whenever you wanna talk just message me on site!

(or discord if you prefer)

Matt the Terrier

Swing the Mood! =3
Well, you've certainly come to the right place. Here at the FurAffinity Forums, we have a wide variety of friends to choose from! :3