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Hiring: Looking for full body art of my dragon OC! ($40-60ish??)


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Hello! I am interested, and here is my FA gallery at NeoCanis, if you like my art, you can note me on FA, I am looking forward to be working with you. : )


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Hey, i only have one example of a dragon character because i rarely get asked to do them but if you like it 1) u can have him and 2) ill draw yours for u


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Hello! :D
If you are still looking for an artist, I present you the style of my artist Kyria.
Looking forward to working with you. <3



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Here are some examples of my work when it comes to dragons and dinos! I'm very used to working without reference images, as I have done reference sheet commissions before, and am patient enough to make as many changes as you need to get it just right. My reference sheets sit at an average price of $45 USD and my fullbodies average $50 USD minimum (both digital and traditional).

However, I cannot work with strict deadlines, as freelance art is not my only job, and I will require proof of age if the reference sheet will have anything NSFW on it.


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If you're still looking for an artist, I wouldn't mind giving it a try! My info is listed on ko-fi, but I'll leave a couple of dragon pics below.


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☆Artist protogen☆ ◇non-binary◇
Hello I would like to make a art piece for you I have drawn dragons before but I recently got a new phone and have not transferred the data as I cannot show you any of my artwork currently


I'd be interested in working with you! For a custom
Anthro/mimi 90 USD
Feral 80 USD

can be adjusted lower if you don't want full shading




Hey! I hope youre still looking so i give it a try.
Here is some stuff, i can show more when you pm me!



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Okay i was looking through this post and realized i could give it a shot since people didn't really went sooo straight up to the point

I do fullbodies for $60. I'm not so good with backgrounds but i try my best aha! Other details and negotiations can be discussed if you decide to work with me.

I will attach some art. Some pieces may be older so i will try to put them from newer to older;

Newer pieces:



Older pieces:



Notes: People doesn't often ask for backgrounds hahaha my work is mostly character centered

Also in the middle of writing this i realized people doesn't ask me often to draw females, and when they do, is NSFW so i rushed to censor the easiest pieces haha

People mostly ask for nsfw so im sorry here aren't many examples.

You can PM if you're interested


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скидка на комиши.jpg

Flat-colored price: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/46489655/
Extended price list: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/41935605/

It may also be interesting for you to get a commission with imitation of traditional drawing techniques :з

A cartoon dragon I once drew :D

Also, one of my first commissions was with the anthro dragon!

Let me know when you make a choice! You can contact me here on furafinity, on Twitter (@SchlafenNigredo) and on discord (SchlafenNigredo#8940)


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if your looking for a pic of your OC, fanart, with or without a background hire me, am capable of drawing whatever kind of thing youd want, SFW and NSFW available
CAD 15.00 - 40.0010 slots

two or more​

so i hear you want 2 or more characters ? , that can be done to , just like with the single charcter , it can be with or without background, can be couples pics too and SFW and NSFW available
CAD 25.00 - 55.0010 slots

one page strip or comic​

for your 1 shot stories i offer 1 page comics or strips for your oc's and or characters your a fan of, can be NSFW or SFW
CAD 40.00 - 90.003 slots

ref sheets​

need a ref shete for your oc , thats one of the many things i offer,either SFW or NSFW or one of each
CAD 20.00 - 45.0010 slots


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Hi!! I haven't had the pleasure of drawing many dragon ocs... But I am more than comfortable working from description alone, and making adjustments as we go so that everything is 'just right'. I haven't done a ref sheet in like a million years, but I've attached some dragon-like headshots and some fullbodies so you can get an idea of my style. And a sketch turn around I did for an animated project. Happy to create a ref that's both a turn around (front and back in proportion) or just the front.

Sketch 13.jpg

unsigned full.jpg


hii, I am interested on working with you!

. sketch .
head/bust: $10
halfbody: $15
fullbody: $25

. flat colored .
head/bust: $15
halfbody: $30
fullbody: $40

. shaded .
head/bust: $30
halfbody: $40
fullbody: $50

prices are in USD only!

TAT: 3-5 days!
payment: paypal only!

I work with furry, ferals and human(oid)s!
any body type and species!
the payment's done just after the clean sketch, when the client is satisfied and I can keep going with the commission.
I send a lot of WIPs!

More info, portfolio and prices: https://artofnoberius.carrd.co

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