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Hiring: ($15+) Looking for Fullbody Anthro Reference[Closed]


Hello peoples. I'm looking for someone who is willing to draw a fullbody reference of an anthro version of myself. Now this will open and close whenever I make a hire and/or decide to ask for something new. Here are the details:

  • Male anthro bluejay without wings
  • SFW Only
  • Colored
Areas of Drawing Experience
  • Anthro Animals(in this case birds)
  • Digitigrade legs
  • Males
  • Anthro bird talon feet
  • Feathers, beaks, scaled arms/legs(avian features)
  • Coloring(obviously)
  • Min: $15
  • Max: $35
*All prices are in USD only and I only have PayPal.

Other Details**
  • Regular updates
  • Dates/times where progress can be streamed and I can watch to give feedback/ask for minor changes or details
**I would prefer for these to occur but only if possible, depending on what you can do or what platforms you can use.

If I become interested in an offer I will contact you directly through FA Notes or by way conversation here where we will discuss the details and any questions that I may have.
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commission sheet 1.jpg

Hello! I'm interested in your request! Here my prices and my FA gallery. Don't be afraid to ask for more information.

Userpage of Solaris91 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
HI! My name is Solaris91 and i'm an Italian cartoon artist! I realize everykind of art, from illustration to comic, mostly

I'm just a girl who want became a famous artist, but don't try to mess up with me, I'm Italian and I'm a warrior.


Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang


Hi! I would love to do this for 35$. Shoot me a message if you’re interested. My avian examples are a few years old so you can expect even better quality than these. I’ll drop some of my more recent canine/etc work for example. Thanks for considering me!


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Alright, here are some examples of my work:

For a cell-shaded reference sheet I charge $27 USD per full-body view and $17 USD per detail shot.
Please note me on FA or e-mail me at sushychan(at)gmail.com if you want to work with me.


Update: I will be closing this Forum to new offers at midnight on this Saturday(5/22/21) EST, after that I will focus my attention on making a final decision on any offers that I have seriously considered. Of course, if there's a new offer made just before this deadline but is interesting to me I may still consider you so don't wait!


This thread is now closed, I Would like to thank all of you who made an offer to me, Even if I never became interested in your offer I still appreciate it ^w^

For those whose offer I did consider I am now working on making my final decision, shouldn't take me more than a couple of days or so.