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Free Art: Looking for Furries to draw~



I cannot guarantee they will be good. I am not skilled with animal bodies, or those fancy animal legs and snouts furries have. But I wanna get better.

I wanna draw sleeping poses.
How would your character sleep?
messily? neatly? all curled up in a ball? sprawled out on their back with their limbs everywhere and their tongue hanging out? give me them ideas and describe their personalities and you're more likely to get art!~

I wanna draw floofy tails and fur. I wanna draw long snouts and short snouts. paws and toe beans, TEETH. lots of teeth~. I welcome all furry types to dump ALL of your characters here

If they are creepy or scary, edgy- thats even better. but i am not gonna say no to cute and pretty too! just post! :)

if anyone wants to draw my own character (or is willing to have their character drawn with my own. Feel free to let me know~)



also if you're interested, I'll probably be posting these on my twitter or instagram


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I would sleep hugging my giant tail, using it as a pillow...............

But, if you wanna pair me with Lurid, I'd have my big tail wrapped around us both, keeping us warm and comfortable!

And we'd be holding paws, I'm pretty sure!

Thanks 4 a shot!


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Hey there!
Would you like to draw my girl Deathless? You can draw her snuggling with a Sonic pillow (or plushy) if you'd like!
You can draw her in any outfit you think would be best on her (pajamas, sweaters, etc) or in her normal clothes!
Thanks so much!


Engineer roo
Hey !

Could you try to draw my roo ?
Here are his refs :
Ref 1
Ref 2

He would be sleeping on his belly, kinda like in this picture !
Maybe he would be wearing pajamas, or his usual clothes if he fell asleep...

Thanks for the opportunity !
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Oh I like this idea!! Lots of fur you say!

Well I have my very tyrant Emperor who is a tibetan mastiff fuu dog. I imagine the only actual peace he gets is when he is sleeping. I see him in a lavish silken textured bed on his back as his dark lengthy fur is sprawled out like the beast from beauty and the beast.

Another choice you might be interested in is my scarred doggo Bas Rouge. She is very militant and snarky. I imagine her loosening up but not much in her sleep. Probably sleep on her back with one leg dangling off the edge of the bed. Maybe a hand down her pants lol!!

Beetle the Minty Dragon

Tragically Lactose Intolerant
Could you draw Nettle? Nettle usually sleep just anywhere. And, since Nettle is flexible, Nettle ends up looking like a noodle. The pose I want is Nettle flopped over the edge of the couch, limp, belly up.


Thank you for the opportunity!
Feel free to draw my Sona Skota in one of her forms. She's got a more human like form and a more canine like, pick the one you prefere. I guess she's a curled like a ball or messy sleeping type.
I'm new ihere so I don't have a glue how to reduce the size of the pictures! Sorry. ^^



blue sky love

Hii! Would you consider drawing Missy sleeping?

She wears a grey shirt with sleeves that stop at her elbows and blue/green/white flannel pajamas pants with two blue laces at the waist tied in a bow in the front to hold them up. And white socks! She also sleeps in a fetal position, cradling a black cat plushie with a pink nose and blue eyes in her arms. The black cat plushie is simplistic.

Here are my images of her. Please consider me ^^


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Miss Fluffy Bottom