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Looking for good artist who can draw reeeeallly cute pics

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looking for someone who can draw a reeeeally good and cute pic, (preferably colored too) of me and my mate's sona together for Valentine's day. pm me or email me for more details


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Hey all! I just joined Fur Affinity after being told of the great community here and I am looking forward to meeting/interacting with folks here! I wanted to toss out that I am an artist with over 18 years of comics illustration and publishing experience. Published 7 graphic novels and I am launching my own adult webstrip later this year! I also do sketch cards for Cryptozoic and Marvel/Upper Deck! I have my own site where I sell my art and comics at http://www.idiothead.com -- You are welcome to check me out there.

I am open for commissions! I am willing to draw just about anything. I specialize in erotica and fetish especially! you can see my ADULTS ONLY deviantart at: http://www.idiothead.deviantart.com for an idea of what I have done in that field. My "Clean" work is found at http://www.phymns.devinatart.com -- Feel free to browse and like anything you see and dig.

anyway, I don't want to sound all spammy here in my first posts. I thank you for letting me in and I hope to hear from some of you! Feel free to email me at phymns@yahoo.com and we can discuss commissions!


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I'll be noting you shortly on FA. See you there!


Who wants pancakes? : D
$29 for something like this (You would get the original copy.)


$35-50 for something like this: (Price depends on complexity of your character design)
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Hey there! I'd be happy to draw a cute couple portrait for you, and I'm currently holding a Pay What You Want commission sale! :)

A note has been sent with further details - hope to hear back from you! ^^



Here are some examples of my icons. if you want to see them full sized check out my FA gallery. I have done couples icons before but I dont have the examples available. I offer $5 each for still icons and $7 each for animated icons.

If you are interested send me a not to my FA or here. and we can talk further. I thank you for your time and consideration! Have a great day!
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