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Looking for good iPod touch games!


Hey all.

Irecently jailbroke my iPod and I am looking for the best games that I should get.

I already have:
plants vs zombies
ff1 and ff2
rock band
dungeon crawler I dunno the exact name

anyway I'm looking for some others and I am turning to you my fellow furs to help me out

games with furries are obviously accepted!


All Your Base
I would reccomend GB4IPHONE. It's on Cydia, you can download and play Gameboy and Gameboy Colour games on it. And if you have Iphone explorer or browser you shpuld also get GENESIS4IPHONE. It does the same thing as the Gameboy, but it plays Sega Genesis games. You need Iphone explorer or browser to get the games on to your Ipod. I also reccomend Tap Tap 2 and Tap Tap Metallica. Another music game, basically.


Play from your ****ing HEART
Real Racing (racing)
Fieldrunners (tower defense)
Eliss (awesome)
Kenken (logic puzzle)
We Love Katamari (it's fuckin katamari)
Super Monkey Ball 1, 2 (it's fuckin super monkey ball)
Myst (it's fuckin myst)
Peggle (it's goddamn peggle)
StarDefense (3d tower defense)
Trism (puzzle)
Doom (it's fuckin doom)
N.O.V.A. (fps)
Colorbind (puzzle)

Dem's my favorites at the moment


All Your Base
If you do get the Gameboy, you should get these:
Blaster Master: Enemy Below
Metroid II
Super Mario Bros Deluxe
Contra: Tha Alien Wars
Ninja Gaiden Shadow

These're all awesome games, especially Blaster Master. Although it takes a lot of skill.
Oh, and another Apple store app you should get is World at War Zombies. Gangstar's pretty good too. You have Installous, right?