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looking for help designing my furry.


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I am recently getting more and more into this and have been frequenting fur affinity and creeping post's. Awhile back I had asked for some help with my character but I don't think it fit me.
I am now thinking I would be happier as an English lop or mini Rex bunny.

I'll say a bit about me. I am 25 and transgender. I make a pretty passable girl but I always fantasize about gaining weight and becoming a bbw or even ssbbw so I want my character to start on the tubby side and as time goes on I'll have her get bigger and bigger. She loves desert and deep fried food. (Battered deep fried carrot. Yummm)
I'd like her to be mostly white with some light bluish/purple markings. Quite busty with a tubby tummy and thick thighs with a booty and hips. She would have big blue greyish eyes and would have a super bubbly personality.

I would appreciate if someone could help me develop this character and to get further into the furry community.
I will post a couple pics of me to help.
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Hey there.

You should change the prefix from "free art" to "request" so people know you're looking for art and not giving it. It's a common mistake so don't worry about it ^_^

But onwards to your character :D
Have you thought about colours? Do you prefer natural colour like white + brown/black or would you prefer fantasy colours like white + purple or bright orange?
Nest I suggest that you find some pictures of bunnies with markings that you like.

Besides that I think you got a nice character.


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Can't work out how to send you an image, so just gonna post it here lol.
Did a quick mock-up just so it'd be easier for you to explain what you want (longer/shorter ears, markings on arms, tufts of hair, etc).


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