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Looking for interesting requests! (CLOSED)


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CLOSED now thank you guys!

Hello, I would like to do a few requests before I start out commissions :) I am looking for interesting characters and different body types (male,fem,herm,etc.). They will most likely by pin-up-ish, and possibly nsfw, so please let me know if you would prefer sfw. Will range between sketch, flat, full-color or even experimental. I will be picking based on what design really speaks to me :3 I have 3 slots open, and will be updating on my journal.

Examples are all on my FA: Userpage of Nuthinz -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

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zyther kaldrok

the strange hyena


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I'd love to throw my name in the hat. My fursona is a hyena Like in my profile picture but honestly I'm not sure on colors or design I like a little more natural look but I'd love to throw in some brighter colors or some odd features (horns, different color eyes, weird tail, ect.). So I'd leave that up to you! You can have full control over it any pose or whatever I just request that she one not have big boobs lol and her face be anything but a simple smile. Make her angry or laughing or whatever you want! :)


Your draw style is cute ^^

Here is my ref. If you are interested on drawing me

Pd: SFW please!


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Chips ahoy
Love your style.Try Ruby!


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