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Looking for lineart - Anthro character and small feral animal ($10 budget)

Hello commissioners. Today, I'm asking for an image of this character with the pictured animal around his shoulders:

I'd like the animal to be on the man's shoulders in this sort of pose:

I'd also be okay with it being a chest-up portrait, the main focus is the man's head and the animal with him. Thank you for stopping by, and have a nice day.


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Hello, I'd be willing to do lineart for you for 10 dollars!
heres an example of one of my chest up drawings,
if your interested feel free to pm me or gmail me at kutsikats@gmail.com, thanks for reading!


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Greetings. After some consideration, I have decided to give my commission to DoktorGilda. Thank you, and have a nice day. Best of luck in your commission hunting.