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Looking for Long Term RP partner


I am looking for people interestered in longer term rp. As I like collaborative RP, setting and such can be discussed so that we can both enjoy it! The RP would be adult, so adults only (and by Adult I mean both mature story themes and NSFW rp), as I am not just looking for NSFW rp. It can be anything from fantasy to scifi or a mix of things. Though there are a few requirements and requests.

1.Looking for people who will play very buff male characters to be the main characters (so yes if we go romantic it will be m/m)
2. Looking for people interested in various forms of goo, collective conciouse/hive mind, and merging.
3.Need to be able to write 1 preferably more paragraphs since for me short 2 liner posts all the time tends to make me lose interest.
4.Preferably over Discord