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looking for long-term, semi/advanced, casual roleplayers


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hey there! i’m doff, and i’m here looking for a nice roleplay partner! roleplay has been a huge passion of mine for years now, though over the past one, i’ve started to progressively drift away from it due to some simple reasons such as my old go-to site shutting down, a falling out with my former main roleplay partner, and a combination of work and school taking up the bulk of my free time. i’ve tried some discord roleplay servers, but with my schedule keeping me from being as active as they need, and the presence of a ton of cliques, it’s been really hard for me to get back into the swing of things. which is why i am coming here! so, instead of resorting to servers, i’m looking for one or two roleplay partners that would be up to some casual one-on-one role playing.

important notes:
» as stated, i am very busy in real life, and as much as i do want to get back into roleplay, things such as education, work, and everyday tasks take top priority. sometimes i may be able to reply to a post right away, and sometimes it may take me a day or two or four. i take pride in my writing, and i refuse to push out content that i am not satisfied with in order to get responses in more quickly. if offering, please be understanding of this! nagging me to reply will only make me NOT want to reply. i will reply when i have the chance.
» i am looking for semi-literate to literate, long-term roleplayers. while i do prefer my roleplay partners to respond with at least one decent sized paragraph, i am also understanding that at times it may be hard to come up with long posts. at the end of the day, i am looking for quality over quantity, so i ask that you provide me with enough detail in them for me to be able to properly respond. in addition, if things work out, i would love to keep writing and interacting with you, maybe trying new character duos and settings!
» i may roleplay controversial topics! this is included but not limited to: mentions of abuse in backstories, drug content, general innuendo (such as sex work), abortion, mental and physical disorders, and etc. however, i do my best to portray these in respectful ways with the proper research and maturity behind it. if any of this does make you uncomfortable, it can be generally avoided, though do please keep it in mind before requesting to roleplay with me!

generally, i am fairly loose on what genre i roleplay, though my favorite themes tend to circle back onto post-apocalyptic and modern-day interactions. i am mostly looking for these two themes, though i may be open for others as well if they strike my interest. whether it’s an ‘adoptive type‘ relationship between a kid and adult, a friendly rivalry, or even some good old-fashioned romance development, i have a ton of different characters that could fall into place with yall’s! while i am totally fine with and would enjoy roleplaying some nice, casual sex scenes, i don’t want the roleplay to be centered solely on erp. in addition, most of my characters are developed as humans/humanoids, though i am also open and comfortable with role playing feral. while i do not have too much experience roleplaying furries and creatures related to such, i’m sure that it won’t be an issue in the slightest!

i know i’m writing a lot so i’ll hush up now, but please let me know if anybody would be interested! i would love to hop back into this sort of thing in my free time! while i am not too active on FA, i can easily be reached on discord at Diff#4733! this is where i would be role playing with you!
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