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Hiya! I'm a young Male cat looking for love.
I am a Top, and pretty alpha. I'm looking for a Femboy or M2F companion.
I am very loving and accepting, I'm looking forward to hearing from you. (^w^)/


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I keep hearing actual dating sites have been working for furries and geeks lately. You might wanna give those a try


If you're looking specifically for furries you can try a local meetup group. Don't try to flirt though. Just make friends and see what happens.


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It's just my type is so hard to find, even on a dating app. Thanks for the support btw! (^~^)

Maybe you should stop trying so hard to find this specific "type" online and get out and just meet people, instead. You're doing nothing but limiting your options; who knows what else is out there you might like, too. If you just meet people to meet people, and not specifically for dating or sex, even if you aren't into them that way, people have friends and their friends have friends...

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Is this what FAF has devolved into?


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pounced.org check it out. A free US furry dating site

Lol, I've had many a hookup on that site and hardly even bothered with tact. Then again, I also met my longest relationship on there, but then I actually met him in person at Lovelution and didn't even know the two were the same. Soooo, I'm not sure if that counts. Everyone else it was like "hey, you want to go to this hotel and uh... watch movies?" Heh.