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Looking for My First Sheet


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Hi There I am looking for my very first sheet done for my Boar Fursona, Geeko! I have a budget of at most $90. I am looking for a Frontal, and Back View along with 4 or so Headshots. I can pay by paypal as soon as possible. Thank you for reading my post ^-^ ~ Geeko


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My starting price for a reference sheet like below is 65$ and varies because of complexity with characters and other additives (such as expressions, clothes, etc). But I'm very open in discussing everything and anything in detail and working with you every step of the way if you'd like. Please feel free to PM me if you're interested!


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Hello! If my style is something you fancey, I could draw ya a really nice ref for $50 In my marker style. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15806222/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15586618/ are just a few examples. If you'd like something like a colored pencil, or a watercolor drawing, I can offer that as well, but the price would change. :)

If you are interested in taking me up on my offer, please shoot me a note on my FA. I don't check these threads as often as I do my main page. :)

Thanks for your time.


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Hey there, I'd be totally interested in drawing this for you! I offer reference sheets for 35$, general rated and flatcoloured. Price includes three fullbody views, up to 5 closeups between detail shots and expression busts, a colour palette and a front-back chibi version. Here are some examples: http://valery91thunder.deviantart.com/gallery/38376034/RefSheet-Commissions and more of them are scattered through my FA gallery, here: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/valery91thunder/
I'm used to draw any kind of animal and hybrid, and I do think I have some boar/pig/warthog examples in my FA gallery for you to check. ^^
I provide sketch and coloured WIPs for approval, and I can be contacted either via forum PM, FA note or email at alkalinesparks [at] hotmail [dot] it!


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For 70$ I can do that + one of the headshots would be a separate picture;
for 90$ I can draw an extra pose that would be in painterly style, also uploaded as a separate picture (it would be in the reff and the picture)

here's a link to my gallery ^u^ http://xserzus.deviantart.com/gallery/ let me know if you're interested :)


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I'm interested to know if you have any references/sketches of Geeko yet or if you have detailed written descriptions so we have a better idea of what you're looking for.

For $70 to $90 I can do all the views you ask for as well as the headshots, the final price (below your budget) ultimately it depends on how complex the character is and if it will be anthro/needing clothing, accessories etc as part of the design.

For your asking price, colouring style will be similar to https://www.furaffinity.net/view/15924592/
Which is what I consider clean, anime/manga colours. This style comes with clean PNGs of every part of the ref sheet.
That is, you can have a no-background version of your character to play with and put on top of other images.

Below is a WIP of my own fursona as an example of my line-art vs draft style.

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There's been a lot of interest, but you haven't stated you've chosen, so I'll toss my hat in the ring!
I love drawing different animals, when I was assembling pics I realized my reference examples are pretty heavy on the fox-types.

I can do a front+back ref, with some sketch head shots for about $80 (+2.50 per head shot for colours)
If you decide you'd rather just have one body view, with head shots or details, I can drop to $65
I can also do a kind of "pencil" drawing, one view with a couple details, flat colours, for about $35



same style NSFW due to nipslip

I hope you find a good artist for your project!


If you haven't picked anyone yet, I'd love it if you considered me. I could do front, back and 4 head views for $75 with flat color, extra $10 for cel-shade.
Gallery (it's all NSFW!): http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/gewitter
I hope you get an awesome sheet for Geeko, you almost never see boar's around here. it'd be cool to see.


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For $90, I can do the front and back in this style, in color, with the remaining drawings being black and white drawings like these. I will include a pile of color swatches and the character name will be hand lettered. The background will be a warm neutral unless otherwise specified.

More of my work can be found here. I can best be reached via email at kdgalbraith@gmail.com


Hi, if you're still looking, I can do the front+back view with 4 headshots for $80, my style is semi-realistic, for ref sheet I use flat colours, but can add few shadows if you want. My gallery http://www.furaffinity.net/user/albinea/ and examples