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Looking for new friends in the UK


A simple Lion...
Hey everyone,

I'm a long-time fur living in the UK and have been inactive these past few years. I want to get back into the scene though, so I just wanted to say hi and welcome anyone who would like to talk with me about everything and anything! Into all sorts so don't be afraid to reply here or DM me.

I'm a Lion, in my 30's and love meeting new and interesting people.

So yeah.. hi!



A simple Lion...
Any interesting things about yourself you want to share?
There are other UK furries here too I think btw.

Hmm, I don't know where I would start (not saying I am interesting). Been a Lion for a very long time now. I am a professional artist who should really try their hand at furry art. I get seduced far too easily... Urmmm. Depends what you wanna know!


A simple Lion...
Same. I don't really like to mix my fandom and irl presence but I guess we can relate about stuff?

I actually study in Liverpool during term time but because of lockdown I'm stuck at my parent's in southern Scotland.

I mostly grew up in Lancashire, but I've lived all across the UK.

Hey there! It is nice to meet you. I can imagine it's hard to study right now with this covid stuff.


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
West has better Lakes
East has better Hills. (edit: no we don't that's a lie, we do have avengers endgame setpieces tho)
I do prefer the scenery in the West, personally. Though the east is not without its charms. ;D


Eternally Confused Feline
Sometimes I feel a little fake when claiming to be Scottish tbh. I live there, and my parents are from there, but I was born and raised in North Western England so some of the cultural differences still confuse me.

Most notable was the education system. My parents just assumed the curriculum would be the same as I moved from England to Scotland during my A Levels, but it was in such a different order that I was gonna fail spectacularly (I got like, 3% on my maths mock). I ended up dropping out for a year and starting again at another college in the next town over, which I graduated from last year (early, due to corona) with an A, 3 Bs, and a C.


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Buckinghamshire based here, family originates from Norway and France, but four generations in the UK, so that's going back a bit. Possibly mad, definitely eccentric, hopefully never boring. Good to hear from other UK furries.