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Looking for new role plays to do and new partners 18 + always open adding new ideas

I have a bowser roleplay if you want to do it it's a browser Romance I have other role plays as well

But I'm searching for mxm anthro role-plays that are 18+ nsfw with the following farting, slob, facesitting, sitting on in general, non-fatal crushing, anal navel and cock vore if digested must be reformed unless death is agreed upon by both parties, belly play, weight gain, muscle gain, foot play, pet play, licking, cum, scat, Watersports, diapers( optional),

Warning controversial topics that revolve heavily around religion will be in the roleplay if you are religious in any way then I suggest looking elsewhere

Warning bad language in violence will possibly be in the roleplay as well

To discuss anything further please contact me either on Discord

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Human goes to an anthro School roleplay where the anthros are much bigger than humans the male anthros are really fat and really muscular the females are either typical anime ish average anthro girl or overly busty and curvy
[Your character] King / Prince X [my character] demon Butler
Your character will be male my character can be male or female is up to you depending on whether my character is male or female destroying line will be changed ever so slightly

Erp rp mix 18+ is there but the main focus point

Heavy finishes will be involved

discord - > jules#1542
Anthro reincarnation role play I'd prefer to play in the one that's being reincarnated but we can take turns if you wish contact me on Discord send me your Discord information because sometimes Discord and doesn't send friend requests my way my Discord information is. jules#1542