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Looking for partial Fursuit Comissions


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Hey I'm looking for anyone that has open partial fursuit commissions. It'd be nice to see separate pricing for the head, handpaws, feetpaws and tail. My fursona is a Crux and I was hoping for a suit made similarly to this


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I could make you a partial, it won't look alexactly like that, because every builder has their own style. But I can try my best to make it similar. :3

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Userpage of hybridlaboratory -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

the head itself would cost roughly 200$, the tail, if large, be another 100$ because materials. Handpaws 10$ and feet 30$


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Hi i make fursuits:
Fursuit Head ($400) handpaws ($60) feetpaws($70) arms ($50) tail ($70) (this prices are
approximately according details - + shipping from Argentina
Page here: www.facebook.com: Zohua Fursuits
examples of i do